Spray Painting Technology has been providing a wide range of services to individual customers, businesses and developers for over five years. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and high standard of work and are happy to cooperate with anyone interested in our enthusiastic approach to various projects.

What do we do?

1. We spray-paint interiors, elevations, roofs, halls. We use the latest and best GRACO & WAGNER hydrodynamic sprayers. We make sure that the surfaces which are not being painted are secured professionally and carefully.
2. We prepare the surfaces to be painted using a high-quality equipment, Festool, which makes it possible for us to work smoothly and precisely.
3. We also renovate windows, doors, fences and any wooden elements.
4. We paint and impregnate steel structures.
5. We perform other construction and finishing works.

Why choose us?

We paint quickly while maintaining very high precision. We guarantee that the surface will be ideal and without any streaks. After finishing work, we always leave the site perfectly clean. We always help our customers choose the colour perfectly matching the painted surface.